The Gnawait Is Almost Done: Gnawa And The Remarkable Men of Morocco.

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Qaraqeb players in Essaouira.

This is an announcement for those of you who had by any chance been waiting for that post about Gnawa music that I'd promised to finish a long time ago, or those enthusiastic enough about Morocco and the music of this Middle-Eastern country, known for its richness in musical styles.

A young qaraqeb-player in Jemaa El-Fina, Marrakesh.

It's of no use for me to explain how much the last three months or so been busy, and I can't begin to apologise for this unintentional delay. But, as from now on, the work on the Gnawa post (Title: The Musijins of Morocco, Gnawa Trance Nights And The Daemonical Side of Moroccan Music. - قــــناوة.), will begin and in no time the post's going to get pubbed 'ere insh'Allah.
Gnawa: Morocco's spiritualism in constant motion.

All I can assure you of is that I'm working on it right now, and it'll really be something worthy of your waiting (or, as I self-coined it above your... 'Gnawaiting'). Prepare to be amazed because the information; the new-found knowledge and the sheer volume of its detailedness will be one of a kind.

Morocco: The land of mysticism, music, and remarkable men.


Enjoy your days, and until then... you can read about Abderrahmane Paco: one, great guembri-player and Gnawa musician who passed away sadly earlier this week.

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KHC said...

This blog is so incredible. Thank you a million times for doing this! Wow totally impressive! I am glad to be following you. I only found you because someone came to my little blog from here. What a treasure you have here. I'm blown away by the Muhammad Abdu post. Million Shukr.

Hammer said...

The pleasure's all mine. Hope you can truly enjoy the rest of the posts here.


Anonymous said...

much respect to you. Cannot wait for this essay when it finally arrives.