The Audiotopia Presents: An Extra-Special Post for The Arabs' Singer, Mohammed Abdou. Very Soon!

Introduction done? (*check). 75% of the 100 albums upped and ready to DL? (*check). Hmms... and some of the rarest pictures and most inclusive information fulfilled and fortified? Done dealio. Are we covering all bases here, Hamz?

Sure we did.

Work is almost done on the best post that I'm writing so far. Fuxcitin'! In the next couple of days, you're to be treated to a very special post for Saudi singer numero uno, Mohammed Abdou!

Mohammed Abdou: The Arabs' Singer.
Unlike any extensive blog-posts I've once read, this one will dwarf them all: it's going to be an amazing extra-special post for such an amazingest singer!

Get ready, babes for the best jams ever.

Frozen peas and cool carrots nows.




LolaRadio said...

i am a big fan of Moh Abdow, specially his live-concert ma3a al boelboel al-djazira al arabiyah.Didn't he stop singing during the first Gulf war?
Looking forward!

Hammer said...

Yes, Gerrit. But, he stopped singing because of his mother's death one year before the war in 1989. You're to read the full story soon.

Very sincerely,


Gary said...

Looking forward to reading this post. I have some of his music that I was considering posting at some point, but will hold off and see what you offer. And very curious to read about his life.

mephisto said...

Hi, I just added your blog to the totally fuzzy blog directory,

sorry for the delay... things have been a bit hectic lately... happy blogging and good luck ;)

Hammer said...

Thanks mephisto.