The Continuiance of Blagging vs. Blogging: Turkish Psychedelic Music! Taken Down.

Sistahs, and bradahs...

This is some serious shiot 'ere: one of the Blogosphere's best Anadolu-Pop and Turkedelica music-sites (Turkish Psychedelic Music!) was taken down yesterday. The owner,
Yavuz Šavata's Facebook is still running, luckily so.

Sorry, we are closing the doors on your cultures!
Now, with SoundCloud implementing a Copyright-Filter in their website, Blogger.com getting e-raped and rather ripped to bits and pieces, File-Sharing outlets shutting their doors by numbers, even there are some bars and night-clubs that are being closed after some CR-infringement issues... this new culturicide is actually an old form of an estuarine old one that has always tried to control it.

Creativity is not a product, but a gift of the ages. If modern techknow-it-alls don't know this, then they can go and foob their selves and die. Any 'new' research required for 'newer' ways to yet, topple down the world's culture so far done at the hands of America and the western world? The U.S. Millennium Copyright Act took full responsibility of 'policing' other world cultures while the U.S. of Fuckin' A is now a self-designated GloboCop trying to "re-rule" the world?

What will be left is whatever the U.S. government wants its stupider-than-thou non-people to stay listening to, and yes it worked wonders on these fat fucks: they are mere automatons who cash-roll their cuntry's asspirations (no misspells there) at world control. It's so sad, I ask one sole question: Who the butt finger-fuck are you, dear faggotry Americans? Kiss my ass right on the crack mother feathers!

This world shall triumph above all your hate and pathos. And, yes... R.I.P. T.P.M.: you were one of my favourite blogsites.

Mesut Aytunca ve Siluetler - Eziliş/Lebuleb
Turkish Psychedelic Music's last post.

Beh. Fuck these mother fuckers, indeed.


Update (23/09/2K12):

Turkish Psychedelic Music! is back at WordPress rocking a colourful, psychedelic outfit like never before! I urge all readers of this post to go here to get the best of Turklar music being offered on the web.

Hell yeah!



Beirutiat & Rahbanyat - بيـروتيـات و رحـبانـيات.

Wasabi, babes?

Here are more cassettes, LPs, and CD albums from 70's & 80's Lebanon. This is a great collection of Leb-Pop compilations collected and assorted by enthusiasts and commercial music companies in Lebanon and the Middle-east like the famous EMI-La Voix de L'Orient Series and the rare VoB Beirutiat Series (Voice of Beirut).

Note: The Rahbani Brothers arrangements were taken from a television late-night show that aired in the 70's called Sa'ah We Gheniyeh (An Hour And A Song), and it was very popular way back then. Enjoy as you are about to DL one of the most exciting sounds that came from Lebanon ever.

Do the debke now!


The Albums:

*courtesy of passionate-music.com.

The Pictures:

Mont-Liban. circa 1870s (oldest picture of a debke).
Petite Danseuse Arab - A young bedouin Lebanese dancer.
Lebanese Bedouin Rababa Player
Beyrouth - 1890s.
Group of Lebanese Bedouin Dancers
Beyrouth - 1910s.
A Group of Lebanese Bedouin Musicians - Lebanon 1890s.
Bridal Dance - Nazareth. circa 1920s.
Liban - Danse de Sabre: Lebanese Bedouins dance 40s.
Caucasus Debke, circa 1944.
Syrian debke from the north, circa 1930's.
Debke in the Upper Galilee, Palestine circa 1962.

Syrian country wedding debke. circa 1940.
A debke band of shepherds, Palestine 1941.
Lebanese debke dancers from the 50s.
A big debke theatre band from Lebanon, 1960's.
Debke, Palestine 70's.

Derbeke Player, Lebanon. 1950s.
Young Lebanese debke dancers, early 60s.
Baalebk Festival, Lebanon 1970s.
Baalebk Festival, Lebanon 1960s.
A scene from Baalebk Festival, Lebanon early 60s.
Casino de Liban in the sixties. Outside (up), and inside.
Scenes from The Baalebk Festival.
At Baalebk's ruins. 60s.
Dancing troupe, mid-60s.

Lebanese Folkloric Dancers - Postcard. Early 60s.
Debke Dancers inside the Baalebk Roman theatre. 60s.
Postcard from the early 60s.
Dancing girls behind Baalebk 60s.

Lebanese folkloric female dancers - Postcard 60s.
Syrian Female Dancers. 60s.
Syrian dabeekah early 60s.
Syrian dancing couple 60s.
A dancing girl from a Baalebk Festival troupe 60s.
A dancing couple in a postcard. circa early 60s.
Kurdistani debke/debche dance band. 1970s.

Marvilicious pictures!


Thank you Fairouz, and see ya soon in another post just... for you.

That's all for now, folks. Enjoy the beats. Fairouz takes a bow, too in that animated pic as you can see, because it's time to make way for another country from the Middle-east... guesses? Anyone?

The Arabs' Artist: Mohammed Abdou.
It's The Saudi Arabian Kingdom, or Saudi Arabia. Our upcomin' Arab singer was actually nicknamed "The Arabs' Artist". Please, be sure to check the upcoming new post here at the Audiotopia for it'll feature one helluva singer whose life wasn't that easy when he first began his career, but now is considered one of the wealthiest Arab singers (if not the wealthiest...): Mohammed Abdou.

Mohammed Abdou.
The new post is going out as a dedication for Yazeed from yazeed.net. I must admit as I often do these 'Ode-To' posts here that... in all honesty, I don't know any blogger for whom I give such a dedicatory post from a bar of regular soap. All I can offer them (so far they've been Nick@ GhostCapital, Tim Abdellah@ Moroccan Tape Stash, Gerrit@ LolaRadio, and Gary Sullivan@ BodegaPop) is a small post or two for one or more of the singers they feature at their own blogs. I know, I might sound strange 'ere but I do it for the sheer love of music. Full-stop.

So, be prepared: Mohammed Abdou (Abu Nourah, or Abu-Abdou as he's known as by millions of 'Abdaoui' fans) will get... shall I spell the beans? Ohkay... 100 albums! Correcto mundo, ya heard it right: One hundred albums! His post is going to be so ginorhumoungiantigargantuan!! I already started with ripping some of the album cassettes, in addition to writing a short biography full of the rarest pictures that, I am sure, even hardcore Saudi fans have never seen before.

Stay debke-ing at the mo'!

Au Revoir for now.



Must Be Bitten By The Debke Bug! More Lebanese Music: Beirutiat & Rahbanyat from The 70's & 80's. Soon!


More old music albums from the 70's and the 80's with some of the rarest Leb-Pop songs and artists of that era are comin' soon yer way. The next post will feature well over a dozen of these Lebanese melodies. Oh, yease! Yease!

Fairouz sings the blues, but debke music is the good news!

Nothing is too much when it comes to music. And, here... greed can be good. Trust me. So, lads and ladettes... time to roll one more time them thar carpets fer yet, another debke sesh!

A dabeeka band from Yaffo, Palestine circa 1970's.

Shak'em uppa!

Enjoy as ever... and yeah, see ya soon.