The Continuiance of Blagging vs. Blogging: Turkish Psychedelic Music! Taken Down.

Sistahs, and bradahs...

This is some serious shiot 'ere: one of the Blogosphere's best Anadolu-Pop and Turkedelica music-sites (Turkish Psychedelic Music!) was taken down yesterday. The owner,
Yavuz Šavata's Facebook is still running, luckily so.

Sorry, we are closing the doors on your cultures!
Now, with SoundCloud implementing a Copyright-Filter in their website, Blogger.com getting e-raped and rather ripped to bits and pieces, File-Sharing outlets shutting their doors by numbers, even there are some bars and night-clubs that are being closed after some CR-infringement issues... this new culturicide is actually an old form of an estuarine old one that has always tried to control it.

Creativity is not a product, but a gift of the ages. If modern techknow-it-alls don't know this, then they can go and foob their selves and die. Any 'new' research required for 'newer' ways to yet, topple down the world's culture so far done at the hands of America and the western world? The U.S. Millennium Copyright Act took full responsibility of 'policing' other world cultures while the U.S. of Fuckin' A is now a self-designated GloboCop trying to "re-rule" the world?

What will be left is whatever the U.S. government wants its stupider-than-thou non-people to stay listening to, and yes it worked wonders on these fat fucks: they are mere automatons who cash-roll their cuntry's asspirations (no misspells there) at world control. It's so sad, I ask one sole question: Who the butt finger-fuck are you, dear faggotry Americans? Kiss my ass right on the crack mother feathers!

This world shall triumph above all your hate and pathos. And, yes... R.I.P. T.P.M.: you were one of my favourite blogsites.

Mesut Aytunca ve Siluetler - Eziliş/Lebuleb
Turkish Psychedelic Music's last post.

Beh. Fuck these mother fuckers, indeed.


Update (23/09/2K12):

Turkish Psychedelic Music! is back at WordPress rocking a colourful, psychedelic outfit like never before! I urge all readers of this post to go here to get the best of Turklar music being offered on the web.

Hell yeah!



dubme said...

...well said! Fcuk! Another nice blog disappeared before I even had the chance to find out about it...

LolaRadio said...

The entertainment industrie and their puppet politicians want to control our taste and wallets. To hell with them!

Anonymous said...

the owner of the turkish psychedelic rock blogspot was not yavuz savata, i know it because i did it..

Hammer said...

So that be. I guess he was one of the collective of those people who've helped make it, then?

Anyways, it was a sad thing to take place: your website, (regardless of your name be it your first/paper-name/nickname etc...) was a great window that was open until the file-sharing police came and shut it down.

So many other blogs are getting the same treatment, let me add. For instance, MediaFire has sent me an email just today asking me to verify my account, or it'd get deleted. Uh, bastids. But, that didn't shake a feather on my non-caring, passive ass.

Stay cool, mate... reanimate.


Yavuz said...

Turkish Psychedelic Music Facebook Page is mine and I'm Yavuz Savata ;) Be cool, coz It will never close down ;)

Turkish Psyche said...


i'm back again...

Hammer said...

Amen! This is great fucking news!

Rock on, kardeş!