New Auction And Records Sale at eBay.com!

Welcome to the Audiotopia again!

Through the last few months, and with the advance of years passing without any new posts here at my music blog, I realised that I am more of a collector than I had ever thought I might be. To wit, back in 1993 I started crate digging around the dirty and dusty streets of the Jordanian capital here in Amman, and used to come across some rare gems, but I didn't really give it much of a mind back then: it was fun to go every weekend and see what's on offer at the now-closed fleamarket 'Pit' or jourah as it's called in Jordanian. Every country on the face of Earth has one of these for sure, some even has multiple erm 'pits'. Yet, throughout my digging routine, I wasn't paying too much of an attention to the importance of the burgeoning vinyl market back then; which now bodes as one of the fastest growing markets in the music industry.

Little by little, I am getting back in shape after quitting my day job as a teacher and a translator to focus more on the collection and archiving, as well as selling of some of the world's rarest finds when it comes to crate digging. And, in the last three months ever since I've begun dedicated my entire time and effort; even when I was afflicted by a chronic heart disease that forbids me from exerting any duress and/or stress, I have managed to make it through bringing home hundreds of lost records from literally abject neglect and discard, among these are some of the rarest Egyptian and Syrian early 'renaissance' musicians 78 shellacs, numerous 45s, and many LP albums that started growing and growing so much that I thought, "Well, why not provide a glimpse of these rare records to the world through the Audiotopia, and maybe offer some on the Internet, too for sale to put fuel in the whole process and make it self-sustaining all though"?

And, lo and behold, yesterday I placed my first ever LP for sale on eBay.com: A rare-as-a-two-tailed-lizard Lebanese political rock first album by the band Ferkat Al-Ard (Arabic: فرقة الأرض), titled "أغنية" that was issued on the unbelievably rare and collectors' must-own label 'Zida' that Ziad Rahbani has cow-owned along with Lebanese-Armenian Katchig Mardirian as a producer; who was Lebanon's first record seller and his son, Diran Mardirian is still carrying the legacy of his late father on and on selling records and DVDs in his Sadat street shop named aptly after the nickname of his father 'Chico's'. This record was pressed in 1979 and has few copies than anyone could ever possibly imagine so much the son of the ex-owner of the label himself; Diran, places this LP on his want-list at Discogs! It's in neat, perfect shape and beautiful collector-grade condition with absolutely preserved and beautiful gate-fold cover.

So, in case you want to start seeing these records put on for sale, and wish to try for some, here is the chance. I am putting from now on every record's scans as they become available on a new post here and the rest is yours to decide. This is the first one:

Ferkat-Al-Ard - 1979