Must Be Bitten By The Debke Bug! More Lebanese Music: Beirutiat & Rahbanyat from The 70's & 80's. Soon!


More old music albums from the 70's and the 80's with some of the rarest Leb-Pop songs and artists of that era are comin' soon yer way. The next post will feature well over a dozen of these Lebanese melodies. Oh, yease! Yease!

Fairouz sings the blues, but debke music is the good news!

Nothing is too much when it comes to music. And, here... greed can be good. Trust me. So, lads and ladettes... time to roll one more time them thar carpets fer yet, another debke sesh!

A dabeeka band from Yaffo, Palestine circa 1970's.

Shak'em uppa!

Enjoy as ever... and yeah, see ya soon.


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