Sound: Arabic Calligraphi-Poem. قصـــيدة: صــــوت - Hiatus Cont'd.



.لم يقل شيئا"

...أنــا اخترت



 .الشـاعرة: رشـا عمران



"He didn't say a thing.
I chose instead to...

Poetry by, Syrian Poetess
Rasha Oumran.

'Sound': Arabic Calligraphy Poem by, Rasha Oumarn.

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In the meantime, you can enjoy the new add-up albums to Lebanese 80's Lubnanyat compilation
Post. Noteworthy is
Tristes Humanités's newest Lebanese Varieties cassette drop (the guy's blog rocks big, serious fawkin' socks, so be sure to dig'em all the time).

Nass El-Ghewane's early days:
Paco, Batma,
Allal, Boujemâa, Omar.
I shall leave y'all with a song by Moroccan band extraordinaire, Nass El-Ghiwane - ناس الغيواني: El-Samt (Silence - الصـمت), from their album 2007 E-Nahla Chamma. Nass El-Ghiwane will sure get a very special post all on their own. They are one of my most favourite bands ever, and I've been listening to them for years. The words to all of their songs were actually poems full of passion, love, and life. Here are the lyrics to 'Silence', and some rare photos by this amazing band. Dig.

Nass El-Ghiwane: Silence - الصمت.

Translated by,
Hytham M. Hammer.

لا حد غيرك يا قطر لسحاب
لا حد غيرك يا مكثر لسباب
لا حد غيرك يا مطر لسحاب
لا هاد زمان ناض ريح دات
هاد دنيا من بكري تفسدات
أش هاد الصمـت و يا لعباد؟
لعــقــــول علينا تلفــات
صغير ف رجالنا صبح هراب
و بين لجبال يجري و يتلافت
زادو فقهانا سلمو ف المكتاب
حيت القبلة علينا تلفات
مـزال الحق يبان
مزال الحق يبان
وا حينا وييه
وا حينا وييه


نحن صفر ... أنت صفر و أنا صفر غبي عدمي
ميت تحت الشظايا و هو حي
مستدير الشكل ضاعت خطواته
و تناءت عن طريق مستقيم فاختنقت
ثم أضحى دائرة , ملؤها حزن و هم و فراغ
فهنيئا لك ياصفر و طوبا
لقد ربحت نبذا ربحا و ذنوبا
يا جنود الصفر هبووا
واصنعو حزبا عجيبا
نحن أصفار تدلت في يسار الرقم
لم تحمل رصيدا أو جديدا
أيها الصفر تمرد وستحل رقما شريفا
فأديم الأرض لم يبقى خرابا و خليفة


يا لطيف ويا لطيف
هذا عجب العجاب
بنادم من سبة دار سباب
أيامو كحلة ترجمات
ترك دينو وعى ف الكتاب
بيبان طمعو تحلات
يا لطيف ويا لطيف
هذا عجب العجاب
بنادم مخلوق من عناد
طبعو محرف لكتاب
سجل حمامة تصيب غراب
عيون الرحمة تقطعات
بنادم غاوي لحقــــــاد
حك ف عينو سار تراب
بخترات لرقـــــــاد
بيبان شرو تحلات
يا لطيف ويا لطيف
هذا عجب العجاب
هذا عجب العجاب

Nass El-Ghiwan's guinbri-player
Abderrahman 'Paco' El-Kirouche.

No-one else but you O'clouds' dew
No-one else but you from which boons grew
No-one else but you, O'clouds full of rain
This isn't the time, nor the winds to gain
This life was so corrupt earlier on
What's with this silence, O'People of the One?
Our minds are wasted and damaged
The minion among us has voyaged
And, amongst the mountains he runs and shuns
Those in the know can only grow
Safe from all remuneration written in an escrow
Even the one point we share's now gone
But, still righteousness shone
But, still righteousness shone
What a waste for everyone
What a waste for everyone


We are nothing ... You are a nothing,
And I am a nothing, stupid, futile
Buried under the ruins of living all the while
Round like a ball, losing step
Veering off the road choking without a grip
Then turn into a circle, full of sadness,
Heavy with worry, and full of emptiness
Oh joy and jubilation for you ye zero
You've won nothing doing all kinds of sin
O'Soldiers of Nothingness come hither
And from near and far do gather
We are the zeroes on the leftside of a number
Having nothing new and nothing we can muster
O'Nothing rebel you shall be reborn
This Earth will be ruin-less with a Messiah sworn


Oh dear, oh dear
This is such wonder, it's all clear
The Son of Adam when cursed retorts
His days are dark he aborts
People without religion still have the smarts
Their tongues are as sweet as sugary tarts
Oh dear, oh dear
This is such wonder, it's clear
A Man is now born out of tenacity
Their nature is of falsehoods and treachery
Write down: a pigeon now preys upon the crow
And all mercy's eye will withdraw
Son of Adam now falls in love with his hatred
Rubbing his eyes with the sand til they're red
And they are awake while they're asleep
Their sweet words only evil reap
Oh dear, oh dear
This is such wonder, it's all clear.


 Nass El-Ghiwane - نـــاس الغــــــيـوان.

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Happy listenin'!

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