A Postponment: The Gnawa Post Partially Paused.

Yes, dear readers...

The Gnawa post that I promised you isn't getting near the post-phase anywhere. It's a very huge paper, full of information, interdiction, academia, pet theories, pictures... you name it.
Making it so fast and hastily would render the whole post as null. And, maybe that's why I came here to write these words, in hopes that, maybe you can be patient with me.

On another vein, and this I say with a bittle grievance: How come no-one's interested enough in contributing something that so far, I haven't received a single email... save from a Cambridge Ph.D. music student who had to apologise for not being a specialist on the subject (her name's Tal, and she specialises in Child Music Theories)?

This is an age of conglomerates, alliances, and bound efforts we're living today. I am positive that when more than one works on anything, togetherness makes it better. In the Arab world, we have a saying that goes, "a single hand does not clap." But, I guess I shall go at it alone. It isn't help I am looking for but variety of points of view.

Cutting a long one short, I shall apologise myself here to you adamantly, for being late in finishing it, and ask you to stay tuned in the meantime. In case some of you want to write anything... I repeat, anything on the subject of Gnawa, do so please. You can find my email on my Blogger profile.

I leave you all now with a teaser photorama of some Gnawa musicians (consider this as a "sorry-for-being-late!" photo-statement), plus some postcard pictures of Moroccan women (theme: tambourine players) part of a very huge picture-post that I amassed from collecting rare, old postcards from Morocco, Algiers, and Tunis.

Gnawa Musicians

A group of Gnawa musicians. 1860s.
'Sudanese' Musicians - Morocco. circa 1920s.
The Little Chioukchs: Gnawa kids. circa 1920s.
Gnawa musicians in Essouria. circa 1940-50s.
Chanteur-Musicien Ambulant Marocain - Ambulant Musician, Rabat. 1930s.
Father and son Gnawaists, Oran.
Old Gnawa musician. circa 1910s.
Musicien Negre - A French old postcard. circa 30s.

Mauresque Tambourine Players


Harem Maroc.
Negresse De Harem. Old postcard.
Danseuse Arabe - Maroc.
Danseuse Coloris.
Femme Mauresque.
Fille Arabe.
Danse du Tambourine.
Danseuse Arabes.
Danseuse Arabe
Lehnert & Landrock - Tunis.
A Tambourine player, Morocco
Getty Archives. circa 1890s.

Now, after you've enjoyed these pictures... all I can say is the following:

The Gnawa post will be entertaining and very impressive. New-found knowledge is not easy to come by, trust me. And, in case you wanted it any faster, you could've Goo'd 'Gnawa' and read about it at any webshite that has zero-percent knowledge to offer any of yinz.

So, be patient with me, aite babes?

Rite awn.



Anonymous said...

far out pics!

Hammer said...

Thanks a lot.

Part of why this Gnawa post is taking a lot of time, effort, and patience is the fact that these 20-25 pictures are nothing compared to almost 1000 pictures (yes, correct: your eyes can read well) that I am going to post soon along with the Gnawa post itself.

Huge effort. I am working on it in between my normal day-job and business. I can't help it when it comes to me being this 'completist shit', mind ya. But, when one does any job... one has to make it perfect, or near complete at the leastest least.

Dig. Soon.


Anonymous said...

Wish I had something valuable to contribute, but I am most certainly a huge appreciator of this blog. Looking foreward to the Gnawa post. Huge thanks and respects! Salaam

Hammer said...

Mucho thanks in return for commentin', Anon.: I am doing a fadamnity damn fine job so far.

The Gnawa post will have a lot of 'sections'. To wit, one's gonnae be a separate sub-post about various sufist sects/schools in Morocco; their histories, visions, etc... and another one on Moroccan saints and religious beliefs (Lalla Aisha will get a lengthy dissertation on 'her' origins, and the truth behind this myth in the Arab world), plus many assorted other things that relate to the ritualism of Gnawa.

There are almost nil websites (in English) that has anything to offer on these matters, and that's why I am asking other blogsters who frequent this weblog to chip in their knowledge, ideas, contributions... what-all.

F.n.: more pics are to be upped as a bonus here, and on the Rahbanyiat post (more debke pictures, ayemen). Actually, I'm doin' this as a distracshun from this tedious jawb. Lol.



Anonymous said...

yeah, quit procrastinating with these pics, hahaha

seriously, though, as has been said before: "we've waited this long, so we can wait a little longer."