Picture-Post Bonus: Gnawa Galore! Pictures, Postcards, And Paintings - Part-I.

Gnawa Galore:

Pictures, Postcards, And Paintings.


Musicien Des Rues - Algérie.
Musicien - Algérie.
Pictures by, A. Leroux (circa 1890).
Négre du Soudan - Algérie.
Tirage Albuminé Picture (circa 1875).
Musicien Soudanais Gnawa.
Painting by, Endres Louis John.
Profile by, José Taprio y Baro.
Profile on The Beach, José Tapiro y Baro.
Moor In A Head-Dress.
Painting by, José Tapiro y Baro.
Gnaoua Musician. Painting by, Rudolf Ernst.
Tête de Maure. Paintings by, Régnault Henri.
Unknown Title by, Dehodencq Edmé Alexis Alfred.
L'Annonce de La Fête Nègre A Bildah.
Painting by, Henri Evenepoel.
Musicien Marocain Au Coin D'Une Rue.
Painting by, Edmé Alexis Alfred.
Musicien Marocain.
Painting by, Louis John Endres.
Le Musiciens. (Sketch).
By, Dehodencq Edmé Alexis Alfred.
Les Musiciens.
Painting by, El-Khafi Moulay Youssef (1969).
Etude d'Un Joueur de Petites Timbales Avec Danseurs Au Déxieme Plan.
Sketch And Outline by, Dehodencq Edmé-Alexis-Alfred.
Musicien Marocain (Sketch).
By, Dehodencq Edmé Alexis Alfred.
Chanteur Nègre/ Musicien Nègre.
Paintings by, E. Marquette.
African Musicians. By, Jose Tapiro y Baro.
Painting by, José Tapiro y Baro.
Mendiant Marocain. Postcard.
Nègre Danseur. Postcard.
Musicien. Postcard.
Un Chanteur du Rue. Postcard.
Nègre Musicien . Postcard.
Type de Mendiant. Postcard.
Musicien Nègre.
Gnawa Dancer. Postcard.
Gnawa Au Senegal. Postcard.
Senegalese Musicians - Morocco.
Senegalese Musicians - Algiers.
Négro Danseur. Postcard.
Nègres en Fêtes. Postcard/ Autochrome.
Street Musicians - Houssia Dey, Touggourt - Autochrome.
Street Musicians - Houssia Dey, Touggourt - Photograph.
Danseurs et Musiciens Arabes. Postcard/ Autochrome.
D'Jemma El-Fina. Photograph (circa 1950s).
Gnawa Musicians.
Qaraqeb Players.
D'Jemma El-Fina Musicians.
A Street Musician in Morocco (circa 1930s).
T'bel Player (circa 1940s).
Gnawa Musicians (circa 1940s).
Qaraqeb Players.
A Gnawa Band. Photograph (circa 1920s).
A Dancing Troupe. Photograph (circa 1910s).
A Performing Street Band. Marrakech (circa 1940s).
D'Jemma El-Fina, 1930s.
A Collection of Gnawa Musicians Performing in A Concert, 1940s.
Négro Musiciens - Meknès. Postcard.
Musicien Masqué de Biskra - (circa 1880s).
Musiciens Arabes.
Musiciens Arabes - Tunis.
Danseur Nègre - Touggourt. Postcard.
Danseur et Musicien Nègres. Postcard.
Fakir de Bougie. Postcard.
Maure Danse - Oran. Postcards.
Musicien Ambulant. Postcard.
Musicien Maroain. Postcard.
Musicien Marocain. Postcard.
Musicien Marocain.
Mendiant Marocain. Autochrome.
Nègro  du Soudan. Autchrome.

Drawings Taken from a 1930's French Magazine: (L) La Danse du Nègre/ (R) Mannequin Grotesque.
Tam-Tam Nègre/ Comic Postcard from Algiers.
Danse de Nègres Au Crotales. Postcard.
Painting by, J.F. Bouchor.
Old Picture of Street Gnawa Musicians (circa 1920s).
Baba Ali (circa 1890).
Musicien Nègre - Algerie (circa 1880s).
Danse Familé. Photo-book (circa 1870s).
Danse Nègres (circa 1870s-80s).
Gnawa. Painting by, Rachid Bouskri.
A Painting by, Joseph Félix.

Playing The Derbakeh - Biskra.
Painting by, Charles James Theriat.

Concert sur La Terrasse.
Painting by, Dehodencq Edmé Alexis Alfred.
Gnaoua in a North African Interior.
Painting by, Rudolf Ernst.
Portrait of an Arab Woman.
Painting by, Frederico Bartolini.
Yvon Femme Berbère - Maroc (circa 1930).


F.n.: This Gnawa Galore of almost 100 pictures
is a look at a past full of vivid colours in
old Morocco, Algiers, and Tunis.
Gnawa music has always been a secret kept alive for years.
Only two-hundred years ago, eastoxified Orientalists
(who came mostly from France and Italy) tried to unearth it.
Regardless of the 'ethknowlegde' of those...
there's a huge misunderstanding of all that's 'Gnawa'.
In my coming post, we shall take a deep look at it from
different points of thought; dissect its mythical worlds
one by one with careful detail, and conclusiveness.

Next on the Audiotopia will be another pic-post:
And another one-hundred P.P.P.s of Tambourine Players.
Dear reader, if you think that these pictures are too much,
then allow me here, 'cause I am sure a very huge picture-post
with almost 1500 pictures will make you change your mind.
I'll be 'poasting' (boast-posting) it after the Gnawa one.
I guess words can become useless sometimes.

Please, as a blogster co-pallie: forgive the belatedness!
Soon, and as Ramadan begins, I shall finish the Gnawa Post.

Always have good time... all the time!

Ciao ciao!




Anonymous said...

makes me want to go visit North Africa, hahaha! very evocative...

Anonymous said...

looking at this stuff again, and WOW it is an amazing bunch of stuff you've put together. thank you!!

L'Espadrille said...

Wonderful collection, I'm a little jealous!

collincricket said...

I found your blog because I have an old postcard (the same as one of yours) and was investigating it.
Brilliant, a wonderful collection, keep up your good work :-)
I am having fun as recommended, I hope you are still too.
Best wishes