Intermission Post: More Middle-Eastasy Music!

Tell Fairuz and Nasri Shams Eddin the news:
the two classical figures of Lebanese music.

Good day 'ereybawdy.

Been keepin' it a-cool at the starters of the 'sprummer' season here in Jordan as the weather's gettin' nicer and meeker. That said, and looking back at this blog, I thought about adding some music to some of its posts to de-freeze it all into one, solid, unified directory for online users looking for music from the Middle-east.

Now, to make a long story short, this is what you'll be offered as an intermission before commencing with the next 15 posts at the Audiotopia:

Get ready for some 'lost' Al-Balabil music that I am sure will be a great add-up to the original post.

You shall get yourselves a new 'Best of' album to add for the earlier Dahmane El-Harrachi one/s. 

Fahd Ballan also gets the refurbishing treatment 'ere with a honoury album that features some songs not available on this post.

And, babes and babettes... 'member The Lebanese 80's Part-I? That will start to roll again with Parts II & III featuring some wham-bam, never-on-the-web albums by many Lebanese 80's singers like Elie Choueri, Azar Habib, Issam Rajji, Samir Yezbeck, Sammy Clark, Salwa El-Katrib, Feryal Karim, etc... plus a wow-inducing, 500+ song mega-collection of Various-Artists Comp from Lebanon that sure will be the last word on 70's and 80's Lebanese pop anywhere else in the entire world! Aye yep: You got that right on.

So, be there or be

Get ready and rev up yer DL-ing enguns!


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