Intermission - Part I: Al-Balabil, Fahd Ballan, Dahmane El-Harrachi: Add-Ups & New Downloads.

How yer'all doin'?

This is the 'Intermission' where one can dig old posts anew with more uploads by some of the artists and bands that were featured here at The Audiotopia the past month.

It's my way to refresh the user's ability to always enjoy the music I post here, giving out new albums/songs/pics etc. It's all done for the sake of music after all.

A new month means, new posts and new uncovered music from the Middle-East region right here. Remember, this is jus' the beginning. The waiting list is really very long, and above all... most interesting. Music shall always stay perma-fresh here, guys. Be sure of that.

Here are more music from Al-Balabil, Fahd Ballan, and Dahmane El-Harrachi. (If we want to have these three in one word, what would this one word be? Al-Balmane? Ha!).

Note: Good news for all bloggers who also have their downloads dropped at MediaFire is, the site is getting a new trial 'Beta' version of its MediaFire Express to lessen the amount of naggity-naggin' upload time. I tried it at upping these three files hereunder and, yeah the can has what it says on the front-label: it's much faster now to upload any large files with ease and simplicity.

Stay tuned for more to come. And, meanwhile, you can enjoy the early days of spring-summer 'ere... at the
 дևծιστøρία with these wonderful tunes.

Diggity dig!

Al-Balabil: البلابل.
Al-Balabil - Sudanese Music.

Fahd Ballan - 40 Hits.

Dahmane El-Harrachi - Best of Collection.

If you wonder now... what's next on the 'Topia? Ohkay, wer gonnae spot-light anotha comin' Intermission post: Lebanese Hits from The 80's. Plus, half a dozen or so of these same Lebanese artists shall get separate downloadable albums right at
Lebanese 80's Pop - Part II. It'll be unbelievable! Trust you me. And, it will take us through the first few days of April until we start again with another 15 new artists/bands (psst! The first post will be a band from Turkey).
The famous Layali Beirut compilation.
Like the older Layali Beirut (An Evening In Beirut) comp, this one I'm going to compile will be enormous and lay to waste any attempt at looking for Lebanese 'golden-hits' anywhere else other than here. More hints for the Lebanese Music Comp? Funktacular music by Idgar Sam'an, Adonis Akel, Joseph Namnam, ... rock-pop 70's songs by rare Lebanese bands like The Bandalis, cool lost music by rare singers even Arab music aficionados* never knew their names from Adam and Eve!

Nice way to end the month and start afresh the new one with a bang, courtesy of yours, Hammer.

See ya roun' with mo' soun'!

*(One of my close friends here in Jordan is a Lebanese music collector who specializes in 80's-70's music. His name's Mutasim Shantir, and got gobshitesmacked at the huge volume of these artists; their rare songs, number of outtakes and rare cuts... I had to give him twice, a short-cut version of the multiple albums that I am busy compiling right now).