P2P Sharity (Sharing Charity) on The Chopping Block.

Well, this sure as all 'ell is old newspapers to most, but I thought why not 'share' this mini-post after the aftermath of MegaUpload's closure which still resonates high and loud on the webbed world of the wonders in such an Orwellian 1984-style drama.

As we all know, there were many P2P file-sharing websites that got closed by mere 'reverberation'-like, knee-jerk reaction when a U.S. Justice Dept. high-court decided to 'seizure' MU and soon other FS websites like FileSonic, and Loaded.to joined the cabal.

The number of these sites is growing, and most are beginning to join the SOPA/PIPA (Stop On-Line Piracy Act/Protect IP Act) and the ACTA (Anti-Counterfeiting Trade Agreement) treaties. Wupload has just closed-shut its doors on any UL-DL-ing activities from its website. There are news from Germany that soon maybes... the monolithic, Austrian file-sharing website RapidShare will soon be shut down.

The list is as long as my arm of American sites that are shutting down like a virgin's legs seeing an erect cock: HotFile, FilePost, FileJungle/FileServe/UploadStation, EnterUpload, and DepositFiles are taking advance measures by shutting down most of their users' accounts in droves.

MediaFire has done this to a lesser extent, but stays the best website to UL-DL files at. They added a new service (MediaFire Express, which I had talked to you about a few days ago 'ere), and got itself a new face-lift.

Here are some of the few remaining sharity websites that still does a great job without having to close their services' doors on the end-user's face:




I saw many bloggers calling their blogging days over and away, and some are leaving 'their ships' in numbers. Still, let's keep our fingers turtle-flippin' and crossed in the meantime, because once the shit hits the fan, there would be no use of runnin'. As for me, I shall enjoy the music!

Stay hip y'all!


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