Pirate's Choice List of Globlogs: The Audiotopia.

Hey-lo there.

I was chaffed to read the name of my blog at the Pirate's Choice
list of music blogs today.

Such an honour to be named among those who cater for world musical taste, or as the slogo of that WordPress blog has it, to provide, "
...great music unreleased in western countries". The blog's a long, country-specific list of music blogs' links that share the love of music all around the world. To quote again: "Pirate’s Choice is a blog dedicated to the sharing of great music unreleased or impossible to buy in Western countries. Some posts are full albums uploaded, others are home made compilations..." Amen to that, as I'm almost done with the Lebanese Eighties "home-made" compilation. It's gonna be rockin' some serious jams 'moro, hopefully.

Pirate's Choice:
World Music Blogs Directory.

Cheers, boebis! Thanks and far-flung bro-fists!


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