Qat, Coffee, & Qambus: Check This Out!

Hi, and this here is not a post at all:

It's just a reminder that the Lebanese 80's Compilation (12 Volumes in total) is now being uploaded and everything will work out as smooth as a she-mouse's belly, very very soon.

I was a bittle busy again, but the sheer huge volume of the Lebanese songs (500+), has made it slimpossible for me to make it at any shorter terms of time.

Link: Download from Here.

Still, and in regards to Tristes Humanisté's latest post "V/A: Qat, Coffee, & Qambus: Raw 45s From Yemen - Parlotone LP" (Release Date: 23rd Feb, 2012 - Note to readers: The link at his wonderful site was taken down due to copy-right infringement), I am taking time to bring to your e-ttentions this LP release, and the fact that there aren't any copies left for those of you who wish to e-tail it from the web. This is just a good-to-see-this-LP-at-long-last-being-upped-so-marvelously-on-the-webbers post by yours truly, Hammer.

Guys, be sure as sin on Sunday to check this LP! This is the best reissue/resurrecord so far and will be the best for the year 2K12.

Right on!

Merci pour La'Humanité!

Update 14|10|2k12:

"As per requested by a user, this file is now available in good audio-quality (295 kips), and you can DL it right from the file-link under the cover picture itself, or by reading from the comments below.

Enjoy, 'ereyone!"



LukeWarmcop said...

Enchanté, Monsieur Hammer!

Anonymous said...

حبيب البي الرابط منتهي الصلاحية ارجوك شوف لنا رابط تاني لوتكرمت

Hammer said...

كان الرابط من طرف آخر و ليس من جهتي. على كل حال... يا ابن خالو لألبي... أنا كان بودي أساعدك لكن الآن أنا أكثر من مشغول.
على العموم, رح أعمل على رفع الألبوم لأنو معي في وقت لاحق, و عد


Anonymous said...

مستني على نار ياهمر

شكرا ليك يازوق

Hammer said...


Here's the link.
على راسي يا خي


Anonymous said...

اوعدت فأوفيت

شكرآ همر