Drowned In Sound: Interview.

Greets, ah-gain everyone.

And on the Eighth Day... Record labels kissed the floor dead!

This report I've just read on the webbers, has transpired into a world-wide phenomena in less than a sec. The author, owner of the music site Drowned In Sound (DiS), and blogger Sean Adams was interviewed by Evolver.fm on-line magazine after the MegaUpload shitstorm (and, many other fall-outs from its closure), to share his views on copyright issues and open-source cockups ripe in music-sharing blogsites these very days.

His are words of pure wisdom, and I rec that you should read the entire 'terview from which I quote the following: "
people repost... tracks faster than the time it would take (them) to listen to the entire song, let alone form an opinion on it."
Neatest, sanest words I've ever read midst this hubbub and ballyhoo that still creates shockwaves across the entire bloglobe.

The sound still lives on, but electronic file-sharers and MP3 providers like SoundCloud and other creative-commons outlets are beginning to withdraw from the freetarian, user-collaborative 'coMP3tition'... that one can only ask now:
What will become of all these sounds that are leaving the e-world faster than you'd say "blueberry pie"?

Only time can tell.

Do dig dawgs.


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