Hell yeah!

Finally, the 12 Vols. + Bonus 80's Lubnanyat super-comp is now up and runnin', and you got a new post by yours truly, rite 'ere on the Audiotopia. I can now get me arse back to 'njoy my cool-ection of iPoddities, chillaxin' like Bob Dylan high on Penicillin, doin' whatever I will find meself busy doin' fer the comin' few weeks.

My iPod Classic has around 20K songs and shall keep me entertained for the time being. Hope and wish the same goes fer y'all guys. It's jus' cool-as-a-polar-bear-'s-front-toes to dig what you have on yer own iPod: call it sheer love. Mine's iPodolatry

Stay rawkin' and rawlin' like the best of them. And, fine thanks fer the support that some of yinz showed my way, and I guess I can also accept the hate, too. Actually, IDGAF: all I am doin' this for is jus' givin' myself a breathing area for a better enjoyment of all that is Music.

Rock and roll babes...

,, and _standin'!



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