Idle A.T.M. - Stay Tuned.

Nothing much to say. I just urge you all to dig the last couple of posts and listen, comment maybe on some of the points discussed there, and/or wait as I am about to revert back to my Idle-Status.

Things 'ave been pretty busy fer me lately, and I shall allocate a week of idleness or so, taking a rest from bloggin' here as I have more pressin' issues to take care of.

No wukkas, babes: The Audiotopia will be back.

Have good time, all the time.

Blesses and prayers,

Yours devoutly,



L'Espadrille said...

Thanks for all your biographic and discographic work, have a nice rest and come back soon!

Hammer said...

Hello, Damien. Good to see ya here again.

Will do get a much-deserved haitus. I really am doing what I once told you about (the upgrade in the sound quality is on its way), plus many other things that have taken me away from blogsville.

I shall get back soon to write you that Mazouni post which by the way, I still haven't forgot about. In one word? It'll be marvelous.

My friend, I'm word-fast.

Take care.