Intermission: More Lebanese Music, Please! - Additional On-The-Run Albums.

Ah, alrighty...

Thought about leavin' ya all summin' to listen to while I'm gone: some albums 'nd cassettes from various Lebanese Pop artists that I wish you can download and enjoy to tha max.
Here they all are:

From two, much-sought-after rare LPs issued in the 70's filled to hilt with music by Fairuz, Nasri Shamseddine, Wadeh Asafi, Sabah, The Rahbani Brothers, Filmon Wehbi, Ferqat Al-Ashab (The Freinds), Ferqat Al-Thoulathi (The Trio Band), Viki Garabedian, Shiraz, Lina, Souad Hashem ... right to Syrian singer Fahd Ballan (3 albums not included in this post) whom I like so much.

Lebanese singer Fairuz on stage, 70's.
All of these artists come back-to-back with other Lebanese ones that we've featured before, like Taroub (get her rare album, 'Ya Setti Ya Khetyara' not featured on this post), straight to bedouin singer Samira Tewfic (Vol. 2 of her rare 'Desert Romance' cassettes series), and one last Hiyam Youness (we talked about her at Abdo Moussa's post) whose rare EP Habib El-Dar is upped here.

Dope debke dancing music!
Roll the carpets off the floor: time to dance to dope debke music. Ayekays, baybays?

Yes sir: you got these to listen and dance to while I'm gawn. Be sure to check here from time to time, as I will be back very soon with more "micro-drops" that I only hope you can really enjoy them.

Fairuz and the Rahbani Bros. in cowboy attire.
I leavitate... Aite?

See ya cowboys!

Hut hut!



Feq'wah said...

Really love the Millionaire's playground!


And would you have more of Filmon Wehbi?

Hammer said...

Sure thang, Feq'wah... sure thang. It'll be on a separate post for him.


Feq'wah said...

Looking forward to that.
Thanks a million-air.