Intermission II: More Lebanese Melodies! Debke Debke Debke!

Bang! Bang!

The debke is still goin' on in the Audiotopia with rhythms and beats from feet-stompin', hand-twirlin', rosary-flippin', hip-shakin', Allah!-shoutin' Lebanese people, and you guys and guyettes thought the fun's over?

Heard that, Fairuz?

The voice of Lebanon and its song:
Well, we got ourselves eight more Lebanese Pop albums (thanks to finding the enough time, and havin' particularly nothing much to do today). This time, it'll all be a collection of Various Artists from the 60's, 70's, and the 80's.
Fairuz' partner in most of her plays: Nasri Shamseddiene.
The artists are never-ending, and when it comes to naming, collecting, uploading, presenting... etc these, it always proves a very hard task: there are literally hundreds of Lebanese singers to document and present.

Sabah 'Essabouha': Lebanon's Mother of all Songs.
It's all the better if you'd get to know these Lebanese 60's-70's-80's pop singers, and my blog is still at its first baby-steps draggin' its primordial imaginary knuckles when it comes to presenting these great artists from years-long neglect.

A hafla in the 60's with the traditional costumes.
Here in this second part of the Intermission, we are to have more debke-dancin' frenzy from some Lebanese Various Artists as a bonus to our first part. And, if you're still sitting lumpity-lump on yer collective asses, then...
A bellydancer at sunset. Niiice!
GET THE FAWK UP! And dance to these tunes! Artists are too many to count in these eight V/A albums from Lebanon. But, here's a short-list of the best:
Fairuz, Nasri Shamseddiene, Sabah, Wadeh Alsafi, Hoda Haddad, Georgette Sayegh, Najah Sallam, Fadoua Obied, Laila Ramzy, Taroub, Nawal El-Kiek, Majdaly, Elie Choueri, Joseph Azar, Samir Yezbeck, Fahd Ballan, Samira Tewfic, Issam Rajji, Filmon Wehbi, William Houswani, Marwan Mahfouz, Mohammed Cherif, Boughous Gelilian


Bang bang!
Enjoyable, innit? And, remember: these albums do not even scratch the bottom when it comes to what's going to be shown here at the Audiotopia. More Leb-Pop music and artists are to be featured soon. It's one of the fastest-growing styles of music in terms of popularity among collectors, diggers, and music ethnosiasts the world over.
Fairuz and the Rahbanis in a 1974 picture
as they deplane, touching ground in America.
Stay tuned for more and more as these afore-mentioned hundreds of Lebanese singers are all going to have their own posts here, and of course, singers from the beautiful Middle-east from Afghanistan to Zanzibar! It's all in the mix, babes!
Sabah & Wadeh Alsafi in 'Sahrat Houb'.

This wraps it up for the Intermission posts about Lebanese Pop. Hope you'll enjoy and yes, dance to these tunes by Sabah, Taroub and the rest of this good collection of long-lost sounds from the Mid-east...

Sabah singing in a 60's film.
I'm gettin' more pressed to be quantified and qualified. But, there's no pressure, ultimately. Things are way too tenderized for me, and I am trying to grind down my idea machine, 'cause most of it was junk as you've heard me admit however humble it could have come. Better things are on the way: 'sall I can tell ya right nowsers.

You guys... Rock on!



LolaRadio said...

May Allah give you infinite time to pleasure us with songs and sounds from al-watan al-arabiy.

Dolmance said...

I am loving this Lebanese music so much. Thank you very, very much.